Carol Detweiler - bass, drums, organ, vocals

JoJo Planteen - bass, vocals

Judy Gittelsohn - organ, slide guitar, bass, vocals

Genvieve Boutet de Monvel - sax





Where are they now?
My research is ongoing,
so this is all I have for now.

Judy - Judy and I have been emailing
back and forth. She's helping me with a history of the band.


JoJo - Now known as
Monique Marquisa De Magdalena
Beaten to the Bone - CD
Catholic Virgin Girls & the Divine Whore - Poetry


Carol - Played in
other bands like Voice Farm and

Club Foot Orchestra
along with
The Pink Section with Judy. Married to
Wally Sound (ex guitar player of JJ-180)
Carol and I also have been talking
via email. More to come.


Genvieve - Also known to have played elsewhere
with The Invertebrates.
I found a reference to her as a video artist
with a film called "The Lilac Sniffer", but then I
hit a dead end.


Others involved with the record:
All Images: Rick Soloway -

Rick Soloway - photography

Myke Reilly of Voice Farm

Lynne Kasuba

Cindy Buff
production assistance?